vDrChess half-sets. 16pcs. No board.

$150.00 - $300.00 / Coming Soon

Half-sets, so you can pick colors as you wish. You only need YOUR army anyway, right?
Make your opponent bring their own. 😊
8 royals (Capital pieces) and 8 pawns,
Zuurniverse style.
Hand-crafted in my studio.
I consider these One-off “concept sets” and as they are handmade and not extravagantly-priced you may find minor imperfections related to my process.
Original designs.
Polyurethane Resin.
I can provide additional photos if requested.

NOTE: Cosmic sets are considered a preorder.
I have polishing yet to complete them, but this is a motivator to finish.
Orange, Brown, and Bone are ready to ship.

On Boards/Scale: these are designed to be tournament-sized Diameters, if not heights. I’ve ordered a few silicone tournament mats, because I should have them on hand.
IF YOU BUY TWO half-sets, I can work with you and send you one via Amazon, at my cost, as part of the bundle.