ValleyDweller/Macabrelets Mystery Bag!

$20.00 / Sold Out / On Sale

Ok, it’s an envelope, not a bag.
And it’s really not so mysterious.
Photo 1: a sample distribution
Photo 2: random print and sticker seed pile.

You get ($ individual value):

Fixed (the not-so-mysterious part):
Macabrelets postcard pack ($7)
Rhoolbird Origins postcard ($1)
Business card ($priceless)

Random(fixed quantity, random design each):
1 Alphasketchbook ($10)
5 vinyl stickers ($25)
1 Macabrelets 4x6” print on cotton rag ($15)

Individual totals: $58
Add in free domestic shipping and it’s over a $60 value.
Yours for an amazing low price!
That might be below cost, but as we all know, convention season is wrecked and I’d rather make people happy.