PREORDER: Macablets figures, Batch one

$10.00 - $125.00

This is a Preorder, up for about a week or unless I hit a number that's bigger than I feel like I can fulfill within a month, whichever comes first.
There are 3 figures:
-- Chaz, the smol one.
-- Stabby McShatnermask, the one in coveralls.
-- MikeyMikeyMikey, the guy in the suit.

Look at the pics for examples of various paint quality.
Figures sold separately. A limited amount of "all 3" bundles will be available as a bundle package.
These are handmade items, and might have some imperfections.
This is my self-produced first-pass "concept" set of figures.

Shipping free in the US because I'm bad at business, and I appreciate your support.
Reminder: this is a preorder. Please allow 4-6 weeks for production and delivery.